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Technical Details of Earthing Solutions

The left hand side figure is the cross section of the actual product

A. The flat size is 50 x 6mm hot dipped galuavanirzed, the length will be either 3Mtrs or 2Mtrs, depending upon the model.

B. The outer pipe is a Gl (ISI marked) of 80/50mmdia.

C. The gap between the Flat and the Pipe is filled with CCM

D. The top and bottom are sealed.

Model No. ISI Gl Pipe Outer Dia Apprx. Flat Size Area in Sq. mm. Cross Sectional Primary Conducting area in Sq. mm. Surface Conductor Area in mm.
SP. 50/6
58 mm
32 mm
SP. 80/6
88 mm
50 mm

Lightning Arrester

Nexo FSD Protection radius has been classified into four levels (I,II,III,and IV) based on the protection it provides to the structure/area.