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Lightning Arrester

Features and Specifications Nexo FSD:
  • I. CPRI, CE and ROHS certified
  • II. NFC 17-102-1995 standards Product conformity Test Certified
  • III. OEM testing Certificate.
  • IV. Replacement warranty for 5 years
  • V. Online Product Registration System enabled for each Product/Lot to prevent duplicate of the product and to acknowledge that the product has undergone the quality standards of the company.
  • VI. High Conductive, Non Corrosive and High Quality Aluminum Panels.
  • VII. High Quality Stainless Steel Axle-bar with, up to 240kA, 10/350┬ÁS withstands capacity.
  • VIII. Provides Adaptor to connect Cable and Tape conductor easy fittings
  • IX. Easy to fit on isolated FRP Mast.
  • X. No external power supply is required.
  • XI. Lightweight and Low wind resistance.
  • XII. Extended protection area.
  • XIII. Easy to install.
OEM Testing Procedure

A. Temperature and Environment stress screening tests

B. Salt water dipping test

C. UV test,

D. Vibration Endurance test,

C. UV test,

E. Impulse Current Test (40KA-240KA),