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Safe Earthing Electrode

In BIS Book of IS 3043-1987 Code of Practice, Page No. 21 si. no. 9.2.3. It is stated that strip Electrodes are better compared to Pipe and even Plate Earthing, which are also goods in high resistivity soil conditions.

As per IS 30431987 Requirements we are using SIP i.e. Strip in Pipe Technology.

The primary earthing electrode (Flat) is inserted the secondary electrode in the form of hot dipped galvanized Flat which would yield a very high cross sectional conduction area and surface area. The secondary electrode (Outer Pipe) is filled with a Highly conductive and non Corrosive Compound, an innovative product of our which safeguards the primary Electrode. Over a long period. Even if the outer shell corrodes the inner electrode functions in a normal way protected by the special compound. The bottom is sealed with the help of hot dipped galvanized solid base and the top with a sealed cap theentire unit is sealed so that the corrosion does not seepth rough.

SP Safe Earthing Electrode comes with a special compund named Mineral fill Compound (MFC) which is to be used surrounding the Electrode. MFC has three properties.

Anti Corrosive

As it is a Anti-Corrosive, it will take a very long period for the corrosion

Highly Conductive

As it is a Highly conductive, area of conductive zone will be the pitsize[6 inches or 8 inches and 2.5 to 3.5 Mtrs. Depth. It will be the conductive zone. Whereas in conventional type of earthing conductive zone limits up to that pipe or plate.


As it is Hydroscopic, in nature that means it absorbs the moisture form surrounding Five Times more of its dry Volume. Due to this you don't need to put any charcoal powder, salt water etc., and there's no more periodic maintenance It is maintenance free system. The MFC has Unique Composition that slows down the normal wear and tear of the outer Shell due to corrosion and helps to sustain functional utility for a long period that is above 20 Years and that to without any periodic maintenance.

Benefits :
  • Highly reliable for Safety of Human Life
  • High Load carrying and maximum fault current dissipation instantly.
  • Maintain low resistance values for a very long period having the bare minimum fluctuations.
  • Ensures Protection always.
  • Single Product in wide range in different sizes to suit every and all kinds of Earthing requirements.
  • Longer Life.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Maintenance Free Earthing
Our Concern :
  • Providing an easy and instant discharge for Fault Current/Lightning strikes.
  • Controlling electromagnetic interference and Radio Frequency Emissions.
  • Maintaining a stable reference potential for Instrument accuracy.

There is no substitute to SPA's Safe Earthing Electrode when it comes to ensuring equipment Safety, Reliability and Maintaining the Uniform Current Load Capacity.