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We would like to introduce ourselves as pioneer in Electrical Earthing Systems, We have a vast Experience in Earthing, we are in this field since 1996, Our company has introduce Safe Earthing Electrodes since 2001, Earthing Electrode (2 Mtr. & 3 Mtr.Length) Both in M.S.G.I & Copper Flat along with Mineral filling Compound. Our vast experience helped us to identify a suitable Earthing to meet the requirement of today's advanced usage demand.

Our Earthing Electrodes & Mineral Filling Compound have earned it's reputation in the field of Electrical, is being used as a protector of human life and safety for valuable equipments. Hence almost all users of our product are placing repeated orders and are proud to reveal their satisfaction to the fellow users.

Earthing is the foundation of Electricity usage but is being neglected grossly. Even though we have developed a far superior quality Earthing following IS 3043 – 1987 still we are finding difficult to change the users from traditional earthing to this advanced method.


Also we are a NSIC ~ CRISIL Rated Company.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company